Represented Companies


  • Lambert - Channel Glass
  • ---- Heights up to 23 feet, tempered, color or faded frit
  • Langle - Glass Rainscreen System
  • ---- Overlapping or Flat Systems, limitless glass option
  • Gypsum Sheathing with AquaKor Technology
  • Water Barrier & Air Barrier
  • Joints, Fasteners, Openings, and Transitions sealed with DensDefy Liquid Flashing

Industrial Louvers, Inc.

Laminators, Inc.


  • Point Supported Glass Walls (Spider Fittings)
  • Sliding Glass Door Hardware, Glass Push/Pulls
  • Send quote requests to Whittney Vigen at SADEV USA

SAF Metal Fabrication

  • Aluminum Break metal Stock Sheets & fabrication
  • Aluminum Extrusions, Angles, Channels
  • Composite Panel Systems & Column Covers
  • Send quote requests to


Standard Bent Glass

  • Bent Glass
  • Decorative Glass
  • Bullet Resistant Glass
  • Architectural Flat Glass Fabrication

Vale Door Solutions


  • Storefront / Entrance Systems
  • Curtainwall Systems
  • Architectural Window and Window Wall Systems
  • Send quote requests to