What We Do


With over 75 years of combined experience in the fire rated glazing, FRP doors, specialty glazing, translucent day lighting and composite panel fields, we are uniquely positioned to help owners, installers and design professionals with a variety of construction challenges. We represent the leading manufacturers in a variety of construction products.

Each manufacturer we represent has been selected for their quality and competitiveness in their respective fields and their ability to stay ahead of their competitors. Additionally, each manufacturer works frequently with other manufacturers in our portfolio giving us an ability to supply multiple products on each project.

Our time is spent working with design professionals to ensure our manufacturers are specified while working with customers to ensure our products are ordered wherever possible. It is our primary function to create opportunity where none exists and dominate our markets with sales coverage. We build relationships with customers and manufacturers to offer the best purchasing choices.

We welcome competition and thrive on the challenges their opposition brings. With thousands of projects completed, our experience spans all types of construction from airports to zoos. Public, private, university and military are just few of the project types we work with every day.

Our territory includes Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Each sales person in our organization is positioned to act in each of these areas with prompt, professional service. Each sales person is equipped with electronic plan room access for their territory and project monitoring is constant.

This is why Olson Architectural Products has their manufacturers specified more often and their products used more in their territory than any of their competitors.


Our People

Tom Olson
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Adam Olson
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Joe Marini
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